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Electron Beam (EB) is today's most modern food processing technology available to eliminate disease-causing micro organisms from food and pharma products. EB Irradiation is the future technology for food safety and shelf life extension of food products, insect control and high speed processing sterilization of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Pak Electron Beam Irradiation (Pvt.) Limited, PEBL, has installed the first Electron Beam (EB) Accelerator Plant in Pakistan, under the supervision of international experts, at North Western Industrial Zone, Port Qasim, Karachi, near to exporting and importing sea ports of Pakistan.

The EB plant has the adequate irradiation treatment capacity to cater to the needs of food, pharma and other industry in Pakistan

PEBL is owned and managed by persons having many years of experience in food processing technologies.

The EB plant will be working under Total Quality Management System (TQMS) and under all International Codes and ISO guidelines for the total satisfaction of customers and related national and international authorities.

The irradiation facilities of the PEBL-EB-plant has been approved by the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA)

To promote new and modern technologies in processing and trade of safer food, pharma and other products for human use all over the world.

The management of PEBL carries over 20 years of experience in the field of food processing and safety control measures including ETO treatment.

We, a group of companies, have decades of experience in the field of food processing and preservation, and have provided services of international standards at our processing facilities in Pakistan.

We have proven record for processing of vegetables, spices and fruits, ensuring quality by controlling, managing the entire process from farming to dehydration/processing to final packing and shipment.

We are thoroughly experienced with successful business transactions with national, multinational and foreign companies.

We are knowledgeable of the latest food processing technologies through strong association with academia, food processing organizations, attending seminars, participating international exhibitions and visiting modern facilities.

We are also a member of IIA, International Irradiation Association, UK.

We have associates with extensive experience in irradiation and food technology.

Electron Beam Processing is the method where products are exposed to accelerated electrons and as a result the microbes are deactivated in the product. The mechanism involves breakage of DNA in the microbe thus rendering it unviable.

The EB technology:
§ Reduces and eliminates diseases-causing micro-organisms;
§ Does not make the food radioactive;
§ Increases shelf life of food products ; and
§ The nutritional value is essentially unchanged.
§ Has Superior Control over the Process
§ Has Tighter Tolerances
§ Can Turn E-Beam Off unlike Cobalt Gamma Source
§ Is extremely Efficient and Short Treatment Times.

EB Irradiation has therefore, become an important weapon in the food safety arsenal in the fight against spread of micro-organisms and insects in many advanced countries.

Irradiation of food and pharma products with EB does not become radioactive, as the process does not involve radioactive material.

Unlike other methods of treatment, EB technology allows treatment in the final packaged product.

More than 40 countries of the World have adopted EB technology for the safety of pharma and food production.

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